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The Future is Here

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meta-farm is an NFT and blockchain technology consultancy based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We help brands leverage the power of Web 3 and conquer the metaverse, a.k.a alternate universe, with creative and innovative digital products.

We enable you to monetise your artwork by minting your digital assets along with artwork creation. Monetising your product ensures that you are benefited each time your product gets sold. And we implement the best marketing strategies to help you jump on the NFT bandwagon smoothly and spearhead the journey ahead.

The Future is Here
Why meta-farm

We are your cue to next-gen product marketing

We uncomplicate the intricacies of the NFT world to give you the first-mover advantage. Our solutions are designed to become a meaningful part of the metaverse. We help establish an emotional connection between your creation and the customer more than the sense of ownership.

When you onboard meta-farm, you hire not just an NFT marketing agency. Along with NFT marketing services, we also help convert your creative ideas into digital assets and trademark your creatives to always be credited for your passion.

why meta-farm

Our Solutions

Looking for an NFT Marketing Agency in the UAE? You have got more than just an agency here. We are the creators and sellers of exceptional digital assets.

Digital Art Production

With the boom of NFTs, it has become crucial to partner with the right team to give life to your creative ideas. With the meta-farm’s team of NFT experts, you are guaranteed to have the best metaverse onboarding experience.

NFT Minting

As a beginner, the process of minting your NFTs can be confusing. We ease the process for you by acting as your NFT minting consultant and guiding the way forward during your NFT launch.

Smart Contracts

An attractive advantage of the metaverse is its transparency in the network. Each NFT is given permanent identification information via smart contracts to prevent counterfeit. At meta-farm, we create NFT smart contracts that register and authorise your creatives in the NFT world.

Listing Management

We discover and list your creative artworks in the ideal business platforms to display them to many NFT followers. Each NFT community is selected by analysing the targeting audience and engagement rate. We only choose what’s best for you.

Marketing Strategy

From identifying the right tone of voice to broadening the reach of your creative artworks, we ensure that your digital products reach their future owners effectively.

Social Media Marketing

We leverage the power of social media to generate awareness and attract new metaverse enthusiasts to invest in your NFTs.

Crypto Falcon Club

5000 Unique NFTS & Every 3D Falcon Custom-Designed

$ 23 B
Trading Volume

1000 +
Sales per Day

28 M
NFTs Sold Globally

$ 80 B
Marketcap Forecast

  • NFTs are experiences, not things.

  • The term ‘non-fungible' comes from the fact that each token is unique and cannot be exchanged for something exactly alike.

  • Just like physical art, the value of NFT lies in its uniqueness.

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meta-farm has over 50 experienced NFT and marketing professionals who can guide you during each step of the journey.

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